"Chicago Southland Job Hunters Network"

 Our Mission:

To provide a discreet environment which fosters open and honest communications, for the purpose of education, motivation, support, collaboration and empowerment. Lead by a Human Resources professional with expertise in recruiting and employment, who coaches and engages serious job seekers with the intent to improve and enhance the full spectrum of their job search skills.

Why a Job Club?

The Chicago Southland Job Hunters Network was created to help those who are struggling to come to terms with the realities of a new economy and a hiring environment that is perhaps significantly changed from the last time they applied for a job. Sundance Group’s core line of business – employment & recruiting services for major corporations, was also impacted by the job market. Resumé Development and Career Advisement has always been an ancillary service available to individuals, and in 2008, evolved into this job club which serves as a means to provide an effective and affordable forum for individuals to receive expert advice and direction on their career search endeavors.

The job market remains competitive in every profession and industry and there continues to be a need for a professional community-based group where job seekers can seek expert advice and learn from their peers at the same time.

What is a Job Club?

A forum to provide expertise and mutual sharing of job hunting experiences. If you are in career transition, or returning to the workforce after a long absence, you'll find this group to be time well spent. Learn what others in your community are doing to find work and to enhance their skills. Connecting with others in the same situation at meetings and through social networking and mentorship provides support that helps you focus and stay positive through the challenges.

The Chicago Southland Job Hunters Network is different from many. It is a small and intimate group with constructive meetings focused on important topics that are timely and relevant. The group fosters mutual trust and respect among the participants, while learning what companies are looking for when they make hiring decisions from an insider’s perspective. Discussions cover everything from resumes to using online job boards and niche sites. Meetings have covered: using LinkedIn for your job search; how to request and supply references; behavioral interview questions; and following up after interviews. We’ve also had mock interview sessions and structured workshops to address some of these topics in more depth. Our meetings tend to be lively, supportive, and full of dynamic discussion.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals (or small groups) affected by workforce reduction, terminations, layoffs or company closure. This group is ideally suited to adults with prior experience in the workplace. To get the most from this supportive group, please be sure to have an active email account.

It is particularly beneficial to those who are new to their job search and have not had to pursue such an effort in a long time. This is an ideal group to be involved with if you are serious about your future career, not just finding a job, and expanding your professional network.

What to wear? Business-Business Casual: because you always want to make a good impression when you're networking for work!

When and Where are the Meetings Held?

On a pre-planned schedule, usually once a month on Tuesdays. They begin at 9:30am sharp and end by 11:30am. Our meetings are held in a semi-private space (within a public venue) at the Bootsma Bookstore Café on the campus of Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. Participants come from the local surrounding communities; and from those within Will, Kankakee and DuPage counties.

Is There a Fee to Attend?

The current fee to attend a regular meeting is $5. RSVP is required to assure space and materials.

In addition, we offer an optional membership program. Members are offered a discount to attend meetings, workshops and to other services (such as one-on-one support) from Sundance Group. Membership also provides access to a 24/7 online community for continued networking and other valuable resources. Only those who have attended a meeting(s) are eligible for membership.

Please call 708-687-4878 for further details.

2014 Schedule

Throughout 2013, topics included: Using Business Cards When Looking for a Job | Getting From a Resume to an Interview | Why Should We Hire You? | Professional Development | Book Review - 6 Reasons... | Age & Wisdom | Networking With Confidence | Challenging Interview Questions | Exploring Your Personal Geography | What Does Your Resume Say About You?

February 11 | General Meeting: Careerist Correspondence

February 17 | Workshop: Don't Be Left Out of Being LinkedIn

March 11 | General Meeting:  A More Meaningful Job Interview

April 15  | Part II, A More Meaningful Job Interview

May 13 | JobStacles 

August 12 | Personality & Cultural Fit

September 16 | Speed Networking

October 14th | Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow... Really?

November 11th | Ageism in the Job Market

December 9 | What's Next?


Click here for directions to the BBC where our meetings are held. 

$5, per general meeting

Ask about our subscription membership -- A small investment in the bigger picture of your career.”

Please Note:Sundance Group, Inc. does not assure or promise job interviews or offers. We simply are providing a forum for job seekers to network, and to receive relevant direction and advice on their job search endeavor.

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